Personal Portfolio Manager

Leveling the playing field for retail investors!

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You can pay with ethereum through our Web3 access all you need is a Metamask wallet with ethereum in it. Don't have a Web3 address? Download the MetaMask browser extension here.

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Until now, only the very wealthy could harness the power of the web to manage and growth their wealth. Today, that stops and we are leveling the playing field for investing!

For many years, the super rich have been able to harness the power of algorithms and use programmatic trading to make it virtually impossible for the small retail investor to compete in the stock market.

For this unfair advantage, the super rich would pay hedge fund managers a "2 and 20" fee. That is where the managers receive a 2% flat fee each year for their "work" and a 20% incentive fee if they made a certain percentage return for the investors.

All of that can change for you today! Our technology allows you to easily customize our algorithms by simply setting the stocks that you like and the prices at which you wish to buy and sell them. You can also select up to three cryptocurrencies and the prices that you would buy and sell them at.

Then, you simply hit the START TRADING button, leave the browser window open, and go about your daily routine. Our technology will constantly check the prices, buy and sell stocks or crypto, and automatically switch between them based on market conditions.

We have also integrated artificial intelligence where you can allow our AI to automatically determine the buy and sell points for your list of stocks. When you hit the AUTO UPDATE button, our AI goes to work and updates the buy, sell, and stop prices for your watch list.

If you want ideas for stocks to invest in, you can use our convenient screeners. We have built-in value, growth, and income screeners that will scan and return a list of stocks that meet that criteria.

It is as easy as hitting the button for the desired screener and wait for a list of perspective stocks to be shown.

Even the rules of the stock market (such as day trading and "accredited investor" rules) are rigged against the small investor.

Instead of being shut out of trading, our algorithm monitors your trades to keep you from being flagged and will switch to trading crypto when you have approached the limits.

All that is required is to have a funded Robinhood account (Get One Here) and a monthly subscription for the PPM app at a cost of $19.99/month. (The rich guys pay millions for this!)